The Feathers Travel to South Florida

photo copyright Valerie Lockwood Moran
The opening reception at Studio 18 In the Pines. Here I am talking about feathers. Photographer Sunny Bak is on the far left. Photo courtesy Valerie Lockwood Moran.

My feather photographs were incorporated into a show called Rock, Paper, Photo at Studio18 in the Pines in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The show opened September 5 and closes October 16. The great Beastie Boys photographer, Sunny Bak, also has photos Continue reading “The Feathers Travel to South Florida”

Feathers in Indiana

Part of the gallery for my exhibition, "Ethereal Plumage"
Part of the gallery for my exhibition, “Ethereal Plumage”

My exhibition, “Ethereal Plumage” ended last week at the Jasper Arts Center in Jasper, Indiana. The storms of early April were so bad that I felt sure nobody would show up for the opening reception, but they did.  Even better is that they said nice things about the work. Though I’ve had several feather images exhibited individually around the US, this was the first time I had this many (25) feather photographs together in one place. It was really interesting to see how the quantity transformed the vision. You’ll hear plenty about my feather photographs in the coming weeks as I continue to work on them.

A New Game

While I was in Indiana, I had an idea for a new game for photographers. Continue reading “Feathers in Indiana”