Total Solar Eclipse As Seen in South Carolina USA


Total solar eclipse over the State Capitol in Columbia, SC USA

I’ve been discussing the limitations of language for some time, actually. If you stop on my home page at, the first image you see has the words, “There are some experiences for which there are no words.”  That’s been my experience. In the English language, we tend to overuse certain words. “Awesome” is a prime example. Most events to which that descriptor are applied aren’t really awesome at all, but are Continue reading “Total Solar Eclipse As Seen in South Carolina USA”

Dreamers of Dreams; Keepers of Secrets

“The sun hides not the ocean, which is the dark side of the earth, and which is two thirds of the earth. Therefore, any mortal man who hath more of joy than sorrow in him, that mortal man cannot be true–not true, nor undeveloped.”

That passage from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick expresses the two sides of  creative personalities  Continue reading “Dreamers of Dreams; Keepers of Secrets”