The Feathers Travel to South Florida

photo copyright Valerie Lockwood Moran
The opening reception at Studio 18 In the Pines. Here I am talking about feathers. Photographer Sunny Bak is on the far left. Photo courtesy Valerie Lockwood Moran.

My feather photographs were incorporated into a show called Rock, Paper, Photo at Studio18 in the Pines in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The show opened September 5 and closes October 16. The great Beastie Boys photographer, Sunny Bak, also has photos on view in the same show. The local newspaper had a couple of articles about the exhibit. That’s always a good sign. Both Sunny and I were there for the opening reception. It was a pleasant evening, indeed.

I always enjoy speaking at openings, even though I’m such a ridiculous introvert. There is a distance between the artist and the viewer that can be broken in these gallery talks, and I try very hard to do that.  I enjoy telling stories. I don’t deny or try to cover that. Any person who has ever told a story in front of an audience will tell you that they can see the exact moment the audience is in their boat. At that point you can take them anywhere and it’s a special privilege. Some artists will just talk nuts and bolts. I tell stories because I love to hear stories. Storytelling is the only way the audience can participate in your journey. When a viewer hears a story about an artistic work they have visually enjoyed, it makes the connection much stronger.

photo copyright Valerie Lockwood Moran
photo courtesy Valerie Lockwood Moran

It was my first time in that area of Florida, and I had a great time while I was there.


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